Paragon Fence Sytems was designed and is manufactured by Iron Peak Industries Inc.
Iron Peak Industries Inc. was formed through the amalgamation of Kohlman's Machine & Welding Inc. and Macklin Rollform Inc. of Macklin, SK, Canada. Located near the geographical center of western Canada. We are a partnership company consisting of four individual partners who formed the company in order to manufacturer and distribute a high quality, durable and attractive fencing alternative. Later we developed and manufactured a completely maintenance free safe alternative oilfield structure for wellhead equipment. In 2013 our partnership purchased Kohlman's Machine & Weldign Ltd. to help conslidate our business. Iron Peak Industries Inc. is dedicated to setting the standard for maintenance free fencing systems by providing innovative design, high quality products and superior customer service and we pride ourselves on providing excellent products and services at reasonable prices.

In keeping close contact with our customers and working with them in a one on one atmosphere we hope to gather enough information to help us continue the research and development of our products which will enable us to design products that are better suited to a wider range of applications as well as each customerís individual needs.
Through developing a large network of distributors and warehouses we hope to make our products available to each and every person as well as overcome the freight issues that are currently present in shipping small, one package, orders.

As our company continues to grow we will remain dedicated to educating each and every one of the people involved in all areas of operation in order to provide better service to every customer.

Bringing Saskatchewan innovation to the rest of the world.